Downtown Tennessee is a program with the objective of developing a “destination like” marketing approach to downtown areas across the region. Downtowns areas are the heartbeat of many communities and the center of the small business climate offering dining, shopping, arts, and entertainment. 


Like many efforts, downtowns often depend on various government and private mechanisms when organizing on the local level. The idea behind this program is to strategically align those efforts both locally and regionally. By working together across organizations like chambers of commerce, Main Street programs, and independent movements, this program will be able to develop marketing strategies that provide consistent visitor information for each downtown in the region. 


The program will also focus on providing marketing tools, branding, and consumer reach to small businesses throughout the south-central Tennessee region. Downtown Tennessee will feature several consistent details of each downtown area including a narrative, dining details, shopping details, art details, entertainment details, professional photography, and videography (both provided to the businesses free of charge). The program launch is projected for spring and summer of 2021 and will be promoted with both printed and digital media. The domain is