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The South Central Tennessee Tourism Association "SCTTA" is a regional non-profit tourism industry marketing and development agency, created by the state of Tennessee in 1973, with a mission to serve as a catalyst to enhance regional economic and community growth through the support, promotion, and development of tourism.

SCTTA serves as one of nine statewide regional tourism organizations recognized by the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development as a partner. Each of the nine regional organizations works closely with the State Department of Tourist Development to promote and implement marketing strategies and grant opportunities for service regions. 


SCTTA serves 13 counties, 37 cities or towns, and hundreds of unincorporated communities in a region including Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, Perry, and Wayne Counties.

As the designated Regional Tourism Office, the South Central Tennessee Tourism Association is supported by a State of Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Endowment Grant. Each year local county and city governments within the region designated by the State of Tennessee as the "South Central Region" are charged "dues" to support the obligations that SCTTA has to the tourism industries development, and to provide the required match of the TDTD Endowment Grant.


Dues are based on the population of each county and city based on census data or population projections in subsequent years and are on a sliding schedule.

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